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    Plumbing and Heatings Products

    We are suppliers of plumbing and heating products, below are links to catalogue pages following the products we can supply.

    • Gas Hoses, Fittings and Valves

      Within this section we will include

      COOKERFLEX Natural Gas Hoses, with Bayonet, Micorpoint or Union Connections, these hose incorporate a firesafe fusible plug which shuts off the gas supply in the event of a fire.  These assemblies are approved to BS669 Part 1 and are manufactured in the UK.  Supplied in lengths from 2ft to 6ft. Only for Natural Gas

      COOKFLEX EN14800 Gas Hose, manufactured using a stainless steel hose which is kite mark approved by BSI to BS EN 14800, these assemblies are also fitted with a fusible firesafe plug to isolate the gas supply in the event of a fire.  These assemblies are suitable for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gas families and must be fitted in accordance with BS6172 Installation Standard.

      Catering Hoses approved to BS669 Part 2.  These hose are manufactured with the Yellow outer to meet the hygiene and corrosion resistance as set by BS669-2:1997.  Suitable for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd gas families.

      Hobflex, designed for the easy installation of hobs.  The assemblies are manuactured from EN15266 semi rigid pipe in 1 mtr lengths and can easily be cut to length for tidy installation.  The assemblies are 1/2" BSP x 15mm and include self amalgamating tape.

      We will also be list Cooker Socket (Bayonet connections), Cooker chain, hook and brackets, Wall connectors.

      The Valves we will be showing are BSP EN331 Approved Ball Valves, Gas Cocks, Test point valves, Mini Gas Approved Ball Valves.

      We will also include Gas Meter fittings and accessories, which include unions, caps, washers, hoses and gas meter box keys.

      Restrictor tubes and accessories will also be included along with TESLAFLEX corrugated stainless steel tubing and fittings.

      Central and Water Heating

      This section will include:

      • Immersion Heaters and Thermostats
      • Towel Rail Heating - Elements, Valves and Controllers
      • Expansion Vessels and accessories
      • Radiator Valves and accessories
      • Air Vents and accessories
      • Cylinder and Boiler accessories

      Pipe Clips and Accessories

      The range of pipe clips and accessories will include:

      • Munsen Rings
      • School Board Clips
      • Hospital Brackets
      • Worm Drive Hose Clamps
      • Back Plates
      • Saddle Clips
      • Rubber Lined Clips
      • Plastic Pipe Clips
      • Pipe Collars and Covers

      Oil Line Equipment

      The oil line equipment range will include:

      • Fire Valves
      • Sight Glass
      • Flared fittings
      • Oil Filters
      • Level Gauge

      General Valves and Fittings

      This section will include a selection of brass ball valves, brass check valves, strainers, draincocks, pump valves, stopcock, bibtaps, gate valves, isolating valves, service valves, washing machine taps and connectors, float valves and flexible tap connectors.

      Plumbing Fittings and Accessories

      The fittings we will be showing in this category will include:


      The tools we will show will include:

      • Immersion Heater Spanners
      • Wrenches
      • Keys
      • Tap Re-seating
      • Bending Spring
      • Pipe and Sink Cleaners

      There are more products available on request, please check back for more updates.

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