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    Air Preparation (also known as Air Service units)

    The Air Preparation products we supply are as follows:

    • General Purpose filters to remove water and particulates in the compressed air to protect to downstream equipment
    • Coalescent Filter remove 99.99% of oil and solid contaminants larger than 0.3 micron, we can offer a finer filter if required.
    • Absorber Filters which are deisgned to remove vapours from the air line that cannot be removed with coalescent filters.
    • Ultra Clean Filter assemblies combining all three of the above filters.
    • Pressure Regulators to control the air flow to a precise pressure regarded for any given application.  We can provide manual and pilot operated regulators.
    • Air-line Lubricators for applications that require lubricated air.
    • Relief Valves that are set to the maximum system pressure to prevent over pressurisation of the system.
    • Integral Filter/Regulators provide an economy of size and lower cost than having separate regulators and filters

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    We also provide Air Preparation from the following manufacturers:

    • API Pneumatics - FRLs (Filter Regulator Lubricators) aluminium and stainless steel, Soft Start Valves, Microregulators, Analogue Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure and Vacuum Gauges, Digital Pressure Switches and Drain Valves
    • Camozzi - M, T, MC, MD and MX series available, Precision Regulators and Digital Pressure Gauges
    • EMC - EI and E Series and accessories.
    • Festo - MS and DB series as well as Boxed Sets
    • Kelm - 200, 300, 400 and 600 series available 
    • Norgren - Olympian Plus Plug-in System, Excelon Modular System as well as the ported filters and regulators
    • Pneumax - 1700 and Airplus ranges available
    • SMC 

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