Air Preparation

What is Air Preparation?

Pneumatic air preparation equipment is designed to ensure that within a pneumatic system all of the components receive a steady rate of clean compressed air flow that is clean from moisture and oil.

Air Preparation (also known as Air Service units)

The Air Preparation products we supply are as follows:

  • General Purpose filters to remove water and particulates in the compressed air to protect to downstream equipment
  • Coalescent Filter remove 99.99% of oil and solid contaminants larger than 0.3 micron, we can offer a finer filter if required.
  • Absorber Filters which are deisgned to remove vapours from the air line that cannot be removed with coalescent filters.
  • Ultra Clean Filter assemblies combining all three of the above filters.
  • Pressure Regulators to control the air flow to a precise pressure regarded for any given application.  We can provide manual and pilot operated regulators.
  • Air-line Lubricators for applications that require lubricated air.
  • Relief Valves that are set to the maximum system pressure to prevent over pressurisation of the system.
  • Integral Filter/Regulators provide an economy of size and lower cost than having separate regulators and filters

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We also provide Air Preparation from the following manufacturers:

  • API Pneumatics - FRLs (Filter Regulator Lubricators) aluminium and stainless steel, Soft Start Valves, Microregulators, Analogue Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure and Vacuum Gauges, Digital Pressure Switches and Drain Valves
  • Camozzi - M, T, MC, MD and MX series available, Precision Regulators and Digital Pressure Gauges
  • EMC - EI and E Series and accessories.
  • Festo - MS and DB series as well as Boxed Sets
  • Kelm - 200, 300, 400 and 600 series available 
  • Norgren - Olympian Plus Plug-in System, Excelon Modular System as well as the ported filters and regulators
  • Pneumax - 1700 and Airplus ranges available
  • SMC